Mahama’s Hospital Saved The Life of ‘Criminal’ Abronye DC -NDC Youth Organizer


Mahama’s Hospital Saved The Life of ‘Criminal’ Abronye DC -NDC Youth Organizer

Vociferous and badmouth political vituperative communicator and New Patriotic Party (NPP) executive, Kwame Baffoe known widely as Abronye DC has come under a very damaging integrity attack from the opposition, National Democratic Congress(NDC). 

He has been described as a “thief” with criminal records at all courts in the Bono Region.

Aside allegations of being a fraudster who has defied all odds to dupe a Fetish Priest at Wenchi , he has also been accused of stealing and selling lands to multiple buyers.

Abronye DC has also been labeled the only “national excavator thief” from the Bono Region who has lost integrity to hold a position in a reputable political party.

All these descriptions were made in a Press Conference held by the Bono Regional Youth Organizer of the NDC, Efo Warlanyo Tsekpo.

The Media encounter monitored by on Facebook pointed out how Abronye DC has been engaged in fishy deals yet has the locust to lambast the Flag Bearer of NDC John Mahama for corruption.

“Abronye in the Bono Region is known by all of us to be a criminal even the courts in Sunyani can testify criminal records that have been packed from the lower courts to the lower courts. We are not fabricating stories about Abronye’s criminality. Abronye even went ahead to defraud a fetish priest everyone is afraid of in Wenchi” he claimed. This is the guy who claims all over that John Mahama wants to kill , I don’t think Mahama will ever think of killing such a rat.this is a criminal that was beaten for stealing land we all know very well that he was beaten and sent to Sunyani Regional hospital ,a hospital built by John Dramani Mahama. And the reason for his beating was he sold lands that did not belong to him to multiples of people . A case we can all crosscheck at the Sunyani High court and this criminal when he was even at the point of death , he was beaten by his own NPP members and it was NDC who came to his aid,contributed and saved him from the hospital bed.

“This was the guy whose name appeared on the list of national excavator thieves this year , we all heard about them , a full blooded criminal. The whole region ,he was the only one whose name appeared” The group said.


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