Angry youth burns house of the landlord who shot tenant dead


Angry youth burns house of the landlord who shot tenant dead

Information reaching indicates that some irate Youth of Ofankor has set the house of the landlord who allegedly shot one of his tenants with a gun on fire.

The unfortunate incident happened on Sunday 24th May, 2020.

The landlord, Stephen Nana Kankam claims that he shot the deceased in self defense after all attempts to evict the tenant after his 2 year rent expired proved futile.

Stephen Kankam, according to reports angrily went to his Ofankor residence on Sunday and demanded that the tenant vacates the house and hand over the key to him as his rent had expired.

Benjamin Otchere, 31, now deceased was said to have argued that his rent will be due on the midnight of Sunday, 24th May, 2020 and so insisted the Landlord gives him enough time to pack his things.

So on the fateful day when the sad incident happened, the landlord came for his keys from Benjamin Okyere with a taxi cab but was in a bulletproof. Sensing danger, Stephen reached out for his phone to call a police friend but he was not having the number on his phone.

In an ensuing argument, the Land Lord stormed the house with an AK47 rifle and allegedly shot Otchere at close range injuring him seriously.

So his friend who came for a visit went inside Okyere’s room to pick his phone and call the police but after getting inside the room, he heard four gun shots only to come out and see Benjamin Okyere lying in a pool of blood with a gun in the hands of the landlord.

The suspect has been arrested but has denied to give full details on why he took such a deadly action though he has not denied killing his tenant.

We are reliably informed that some youth in the vicinity has taking the laws into their hands and has set the house where Benjamin was staying on fire.



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