Topnotch Driving Lesson: Hazard Button


Topnotch Driving Lessons

The Driving In Rain Series continues.

Knowing how wet roads and reduced visibility affect the way your vehicle handles will help you drive safely in rainy conditions.

⛔ Do not use the hazard lights in the rains.

Hazard light button

Hazard lights, generally, are supposed to be used by vehicles that have stopped or broken down in the middle of the road or on the shoulder and not for moving vehicles. They are a sign for emergency services that someone is in need of assistance. Regardless of whichever weather condition you are driving in, insofar as your car is still moving, do not put on your hazard lights; it will only cause confusion and compromise on your safety.

Hazard button

Although the lights have the potential of making your car somehow visible, they do not in any way improve the driver’s vision.
Apart from that the hazard lights might be mistaken for a turn signal.
Moreover, your vehicle could be mistaken as stopped or broken down.

Whenever you find the weather so inappropriate to drive in, kindly find somewhere safe and park until the situation is improved.

Road safety is a personal responsibility and so let’s join hands in reducing the risks on our roads at all times by observing some of these protocols. Arrive alive.

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