Sarkodie Reveals How He Got The Name ‘Sarkodie’

Sarkodie and manifest

Sarkodie Reveals How He Got The Name ‘Sarkodie’

Sarkodie and Manifest have finally a made a friendly collaboration that is currently trending. The track that seems to be addressing the major problem faced by the black community or the African race.

Manifest suggested a live video session with Sarkodie on Instagram to talk about the song.

In the beginning of the interaction, Michael Owusu Addo popularly know as Sarkodie final revealed the source and reason of his industry name ‘Sarkodie’.

Sarkodie and manifest

  1. Manifest jokingly asked his colleague how he acquired his much adored and popular name.

Sarkodie and Manifest

The renown rapper then explained that, he adopted the name ‘Sarkodie’ from two of his father’s friends.

He further explained that, because of the wealth status of the two dignitaries, he felt anybody called such a name is destined to be as much wealthy, thus, mounting the it.

The widely accepted African rap king has kept this believe until he met a ‘a name-sake’ whose status has play contrary to his long aquatinted believe.

Sarkodie admitted that reason helped kept his drive for success on his journey to the top.

With this, manifest burst in laughter as they continued their live conversation.

Check the video below for clarity and proof of source.

Not, the story is within the first 3 minutes of the video

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