Akuapem poloo to go on a stop nudity campaign.

Akuapem poloo to go on a stop nudity campaign.

Akuapem poloo to go on a stop nudity campaign.

Actress, Rosemond Alade Brown popularly known as akuapem poloo in the media space expresses regrets about her actions that had led to her to 90 days in jail.
Speaking in a press conference some few days after her bail upon an appeal to the Accra high court, she declared her plans on going on a stop nudity campaign to serve as an advise to others against posting of nudes and its related materials.
She further took the opportunity to thank her fans and the nation for the support she received since her jail sentence was pronounced.

“God bless everyone for the support. I didn’t know that taking pictures with my son in that manner could send me to jail or put me in a big trouble. I didn’t know it was not a good thing. Whatever it is, forgive me and have mercy on me. I didn’t do that intentionally. I’m your kid sister, I’m your child, I’m your daughter. Please forgive me”, she said.

Akuapem poloo was sentenced after posting nude pictures of herself with her son on social media but has now been granted bail by the criminal division of the Accra high court pending an appeal of her sentencing.

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She also added that, she was not expecting to be sentenced to 90 days in jail because she has know idea her actions were frowned upon by the laws of Ghana. “I want to say this to my colleagues and the young ones coming that it not a good act [to post nude pictures on social media].

I didn’t know and I did it and this is what I got myself into , especially the nudity, everyone should put a stop to it. “Nudity is not good at all.I’m Ghana , we have our norms and our culture, my colleagues, should understand and put a stop to it” she stressed.

Source: kwaku Asante (myjoy online)
Writer: Okyere Emmanuel.


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