Ghana to receive COVID-19 vaccines from UNICEF.

Ghana to receive COVID-19 vaccines from UNICEF.

Ghana to receive COVID-19 vaccines from UNICEF.

The United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) has decide to take 1.3 million doses from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s delivery of 1.7 million Covid-19 vaccines and redistribute them to other African countries.

The beneficiaries of the vaccine are Ghana, Togo, Madagascar, Senegal, Angola, and Comoros. UNICE’s Regional adviser for health systems strengthening, Susie villeneuve, speaking at the African vaccine week celebration in Accra indicated that the said redistribution of the Covid-19 vaccine doses is owing to their expiration which is June 24th of this year.

There is an ongoing process in distributing 1.3 doses from Democratic Republic of Congo) out of the 1.7 million they received.

The distribution processes have been undertaken because, the doses they received are expiring in June 24th this year. So, we are in the process of relocating some of these doses to other countries in Africa”.
Prior to the announcement made by Susie villeneuve, the health minister, Agyeman-Manu has revealed that the President Akufo-Addo is personally leading international diplomatic efforts to bring in more vaccines to protect the citizens of Ghana against COVID-19.

He said this, when some members of the general public expressed their worry over the government’s inability to undertake the second dose of the vaccine.
However, according to the health minister, “ they are working and we haven’t achieved any success yet, so we can’t give deadlines and predictions as to when deliveries will arrive”.

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