Hot: Women Wash Used Nose Masks (For Sale)

Washing Nose Masks

Hot: Women Wash Used Nose Masks (For Sale) during a recent research on social media, came across couple of images which caught our attention, hence, the need create the require awareness about it.

In these displeasing images, one could analyse and tell the fact that used nose masks were being washed with the aim of reusing. This despicable act can go all long way to hamper the nation’s fight against COVID19.

Nose Masks on refuse

Per the initial image, these non-patriotic citizens gather already used nose masks, wash them and put them up for sale.

Since this is information found on social media (specifically whatsapp messenger), myinfoghana is trying the utmost best to track the real source of the act in order to throw more light on this article. As the following images reveal faces of the culprits, the law enforcement agencies can also do their checks if they already haven’t.

My info Ghana’s ultimate aim of publishing this particular article is to educate the general public and also create awareness in to these despicable acts.

Washing Nose Maskswashed nose masks

Users of the masks should therefore dispose off their PPEs wisely in order to prevent circumstances like this. Readers are also entreated to be extra vigilant in buying of nose masks as perpetrators are very much alert.

Kindly desist from these unpleasant and deliberate exploit as it rather counter our fight against the deadly COVID19. Be a patriotic citizen, contribute your quota in this hard awful moment.

As the president advised, apply all the safety precautionary measures to be safe as he has lifted the ban on movement of persons.

Source: Myinfoghana



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