China Faces A Growing International Backlash – Robin Brant


China faces a growing international backlash

Australia’s relationship with China post-virus is evolving, to put it politely.

It will be further strained by calls from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison for all members of the WHO to co-operate with an independent inquiry into the spread of the virus.

Add to that a push by his agriculture minister for members of the G20 group of advanced economies – which includes China – to ban wildlife markets (one of which in Wuhan is where the virus is thought to have emerged).

This looks like a concerted push back against Beijing. The criticism has been coming thick and fast this week from London, Paris and Washington. The UK’s Foreign Secretary said there could be no “business as usual” with China now.

After Donald Trump turned his fire on the WHO, stopping US funding of the world’s health policeman claiming it was soft on China, the pressure is undeniably mounting.


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