Core Points – Address To The Nation

nana addo

Myinfoghana brings to you the major points in the president’s Nation Address on the 26th May, 2020.

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo started by giving the current state of our Covid-19 case counts after completing a total of 100,622 tests nationwide. They are as follows.

  • General cases – 1550
  • New cases – 271
  • Active cases – 1384
  • Deaths – 11
  • New Deaths – 01
  • Recovered – 155
  • Critical – 04


Upon this report, he affirmed that the government will continue to base on the current strategies in dealing with the response to Covid-19 outbreak; that is contact tracing and testing. The rest are as follows:

  • Appreciation for health workers
  • Domestic manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Testing tools from US government
  • Emphasis on precautionary measures
  • Applauding the Minister of Health for conducting lesson on how to properly wearing nose masks

In the course of the report, he finally came to the point where all Ghanaians are normally anxious. The decision making side that decides the state of nation. The following are the core points picked out.

  • Maintaining the existing state (No lockdown but restriction on social gathering and public activities)
  • Applauds transport operators, shops and malls
  • Advised market women to practice social distancing
  • Warned smugglers
  • Construction of 88 Hospitals within a year across various districts in Ghana
  •  6 regional hospitals for the 6 new created regions
  • Intensify the growth of local pharmaceutical products
  • Encouraged Muslims to observe home prayers during the Ramadan season – Sheikh Osman Nuhu Shaributu approves
  • Appreciated the contributors of the national Covid-19 trust fund
  • In the local dialect, he summarized his speech and encouraged the general public to adhere to the prescribed precautionary measures.



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