Deadly Secrets Of Osofo Kyiriabosom’s Operations – Demon Breaker


Deadly Secrets Of Kyiriabosom’s Operations – Demon Breaker

Demon breaker reveals deadly secrets and reasons of Osofo Kyiriabosom’s operations in breaking and casting out demons.

Osofo kyiriabosom


During the usual Mondays and Wednesdays show, ‘The Seat’, the recent guess who has taken upon himself to reveal deep secrets of our local pastors after repenting from similar ways once again brought to light some hidden truth to the world via the Net2 TV.

In his speech, he insighted that the renown pastor known for his dislike for idol worshippers has been plotting with the so-called idol worshippers in bid of gaining popularity.

He basically connive with the ‘gods’ worshippers secretly before coming live on camera.

With the knowledge of some items at the shrine being gold, he pays them, comes over and pretend to destroy the items but in secrets, he has already bought the gold.

Another secret which seems to be common among pastors of late is their kind gestures being fake.


He is quoted as saying, “If a pastor gives anybody money as a gift or kind gesture, it simply means they have a secret arrangement or transaction, therefore the it’s a way of paying them.”

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